...and the difficulties of maintaining Quality Control [QC].

For Boeing "QC" has become short for Quite Costly...another nail in the "globalization" coffin [?]...

Boeing Says 787s May Need New Tail Parts After Inspections

Jun 25, 2010

Boeing Co., more than two years behind schedule in delivering the 787 Dreamliner, said it will inspect 23 aircraft after discovering that tail parts on some planes had been improperly installed.

Boeing recently identified a “workmanship issue” with the 787’s horizontal stabilizers, the Chicago-based airplane maker said in a statement yesterday. The stabilizers, which are part of the tail section of the plane, are used to keep the aircraft level during flight.

It may take as long as eight days per plane to replace any defective parts found during inspections, the world’s second- largest commercial airplane maker said. The inspections won’t affect the delivery timetable, which has already been slowed by parts shortages, redesign work and a new manufacturing process that relies more on suppliers.

“Some airplanes have issues with improperly installed shims and the torque of associated fasteners,” Boeing said in the statement. The company is inspecting the 23 airplanes that have been fitted with parts that were made by Finmeccanica SpA’s unit Alenia Aeronautica, Boeing spokesman Jim Proulx said in a phone interview.

“It’s a supplier issue,” he said. He could not say how many of the 23 planes may need fixes...