Chomsky doesn't like all conspiracies

C.Wright Mills illuminated the triple ruling elites (government, business, and the soldier caste) sitting atop the U.S. military-industrial complex, but Scott added a fourth and fifth elite actor: secret intelligence services and organized crime. Noam Chomsky published an entire book intended to refute Scott’s analysis (Rethinking Camelot: JFK, Vietnam and U.S. Political Culture, 1993) while mentioning his friend only in an isolated footnote. Apart from Chomsky, writers on American politics ignored Scott’s ground-breaking research into socio-political factors surrounding the murder in Dealey Plaza.
He mentioned the Berlin Wall, I wonder what his take on this is ? On 911 it's "who cares?"

Detlev Karsten Rohwedder (October 16, 1932 - April 1, 1991) was a German manager and politician, as member of the Social Democratic Party. He was manager of Treuhandanstalt.

Rohwedder was born in Gotha. While responsible for the privatisation of former communist East Germany he was murdered by a military-grade sharp-shooter while standing at the window of his highly guarded house in Düsseldorf. Though never convicted, several members of the leftist terrorist organisation RAF are assumed to be responsible for the murder.

His successor Birgit Breuel, daughter of a millionaire banker, was more in favour of a speedy sell-off to investors.

Reportedly opposed to an unrestricted sell-out of GDR's public-owned factories he may have occasionally favoured a worker-owned solution.