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My vote is for unchanged. Based on trailing earnings, I believe the markets in general are fairly priced to slightly overvalued. The reason I don't think it will change in september is that I believe the Q3 numbers is what will spook a bit of a sell-off, and Q3 numbers don't come out until october.
S&P 500 at close of 6-29-07 - 1503.35
S&P 500 at close of 9/28/07 - 1526.75

While not technically correct, a 1.5% change in a volatile market (when a 5% savings account gets you about the same return) is about as "unchanged" as you can get... so I'm just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for the 3rd time in 24 hours for calls I've made recently (especially since I was the only one to vote for unchanged). Also patted myself on another thread for the 3Q earnings prediction, I'll just go ahead and be a little satisfied when at least for one week it has played out as I proposed.