Very good article. Some call it oligarchy (Simon Johnson) and some call it kleptocracy, as author here did. But it's really the same thing.

I traveled extensively in Latin America in the 1990's. I speak Spanish, so I got to talk to a lot of the natives about what they REALLY think of their elites and their governments. It wasn't pretty, just sad, disillusioned, cynical, a sense of hoplessness and of being exploited by the powerful and wealthy elite.

Starting around 2000, I began to see parallels to Latin America in the economy and governance in the U.S. (Note: 2000 is when I woke up and smelled the coffee, this shift has been going on since the 1980's). 2008 clearly didn't change things, so now I think we need a much worse crisis that borders on catastrophe, before we'll see any serious change in the U.S. Such a disaster might finally cause people to turn off their cell phones, computers, and TV's, and organize political movements or parties outside today's 2-party system.

And no, the Tea Party movement won't do it. It's underwritten and financed by the Koch brothers through their Washington foundation. Koch Industries is huge and privately owned, and those brothers are fabulously wealthy. They are neo-conservatives who naturally want a WEAK government off THEIR backs, so that they have maximum freedom to do whatever in their businesses. And who they also want THEIR OWN taxes to remain low (they've got a big pile of money to protect) , so that they remain very rich and powerful.