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Thread: Interview with Dr. Michael Hudson – Part I: Trouble in Europe - Eric Janszen

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    Quote Originally Posted by raja View Post
    I agree, Hudson is not a Marxist.

    The reality is that it is an equilibrium, a homeostasis.
    That's why you haven't seen a class revolution in the US.
    When the working class feels it's getting a fair shake, they accept the existence of a Financial Elite.
    However, when the balance between the Elite and the rest of us gets too far out of whack, as it is now, then the People get cranky. If it gets too bad, heads will roll.

    To have any reasonable society at all, there must be classes. Otherwise, who's going to clean the toilets?

    But sometimes the Financial Elite forget that, and actually think that they are "doing God's work when they drive the Middle Class into Debt Servitude. That's not only stupid, it's self-destructive.

    When the Elite forget, which they periodically do, they have to be reigned in by force -- force of law, or pitchforks and torches
    In light of this post, perhaps it is appropriate to review and more closely examine Zbigniew Brzezinski's book and speech tour, for the elite appear to be well aware of the implications of their actions:
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