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The Spanish Ministry of Industry is a fraud in the solar industry have come to the track.

Operators should have spent diesel power than solar power, to get to lucrative subsidies.

Bild: Keystone
Image: Keystone
A solar power plant in Spain (icon image)

During inspections it was established according to press reports alleged that several solar power at night and feeds it into the net. To simulate a larger capacity of the installations, if the operators have connected diesel generators. According to preliminary estimates, the damage amounts to 2.6 million. "This is just the tip of the iceberg," said one industry expert the newspaper "El Mundo" that brought the scandal to light. If solar systems produce apparently in the dark current, which falls on sooner or later. However, if during daytime electricity generators would be connected, the dizziness was hardly noted. [disparity would not be notable]
The associations of the solar demanded tough penalties for fraudsters. This would bring the entire industry into disrepute. Also, the Swiss company Edisun Power criticized such approaches focus on the request of the news agency SDA. Edisun Power was not affected by the investigation and dissociate it clear.
In Spain, the state paid last year some 2.3 billion euros in subsidies for solar power. This represents approximately two percent of the Spanish power generation. The subsidies had also boosted the number of photovoltaic systems in Spain rapidly. The government wants to reduce the premiums but by up to 40 percent.