I give you Houston, too bad the bubble already popped here 4 month ago.


Ranked by total building permits issued in 2006, Austin, with a total of 26,900 permits, just missed the top 10. The Houston area ranked first on the list with 71,257 permits, followed by Atlanta with 68,240 and Phoenix with 43,657.
I live in Houston, so I follow it quite closely. We even have a great site to track the real estate market:

http://har.com/mls/dispPressRelease.cfm (look for the table)

Apparently no one is paying attention to the fact that YOY sales growth started to decrease last summer, and went negative earlier this year. At the same time we are seeing a YOY double digit percent rise in inventory. All I've been hearing is our local economy is "too strong" for a housing slump, and prices haven't appreciated as much as other areas, therefore the bubble won't come here.