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not subject to review? you must mean something other than what I'm reading there.

they are not supposed to be publicly disclosed by the exchange or the CFTC, but aren't COMEX/CME and CFTC both supposed to review the holdings and the positions, long and short?

Aren't the auditors of the companies supposed to review the holdings, and the short positions, and the long positions, to prepare accurate financial statements?

The firms themselves, and individuals once their position sizes get above a certain point have reporting requirements with the exchange and/or the regulator, and if the regulator doesn't have the power to audit, or the power to demand independent audits, they're a very strange regulator indeed

When Chilton wrote that they did a year long investigation into allegations about the Silver market, I'm sure he did not mean
"no holdings of any trader are subject to review"

I must not have been clear....traders are not subject to public review.

They are subject to internal review by the exchange.