Wow, 100-1 leverage in the paper gold market. (So if this fails. does the price go up or down?)

Recently, whistleblower Andrew Maguire gained substantial notoriety among LBMA circles after disclosing what could be an epic cabal of commodity price manipulation, and was subsequently involved in what could be classified as an attempted hit-and-run. In a first media appearance, Andrew is interviewed in this exclusive with Eric King of King World News, where he is joined by GATA director Adrian Douglas, who also made ripples at the recent CFTC hearing in which he used the words of former Goldman analyst Jeffrey Christian against him in proving that the gold market is nothing but one big Ponzi, in which a run to deliverables would result in 99% unsecured claims (a 1 in 100 dilution).
As Eric King summarizes:
Andrew Maguire, independent metals trader turned whistleblower is in the center of a storm for exposing what could be the largest fraud in history involving countries, banks and government leaders. Adrian Douglas Board of Director from GATA, the man who Andrew reached out to also joins in this interview where they discuss a fraud so extraordinary and so unimaginable that it is the kind of thing that hollywood thrillers are made of. In this interview they also discuss the CFTC sponsored meeting on metals which was an unmitigated disaster because it additionally exposed the fraud on a grander scale. Thanks to GATA, Adrian and everyone else involved in helping to make this exclusive King World News interview possible.

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