January 16, 2014 6:07 pm
Canada’s property boom

By Camilla Hall

Record house prices and low interest rates have fuelled fears of a bubble that has excited hedge funds

Skyward limits: Toronto’s prices are up 37 per cent since 2008

Ben Rabidoux was teaching at Georgian College, a small university an hour’s drive from Toronto, when he started writing a blog about the Canadian housing market. His job teaching economics and finance gave him access to reams of real estate data, which he used to back up his contrarian – and unpopular – case that Canada was in the midst of a housi

The blog won a small but loyal following. In late 2011 Mr Rabidoux received a call from one fan, Mark Hanson, the analyst known for forecasting the US housing crisis. Soon, Mr Rabidoux realised many of his avid readers worked for hedge funds and were eager to bet against Canada’s housing market.

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