he's doing some really (I'm guessing for most North Americans) non-standard things here

Until I realized what he was doing here I thought his hypothetical 10% rise was 10% to 11%.

he calls interest rates going from 4% to 14% is a "10% rise", instead of calling this case the more usual "a 10 point increase", or some such.

this really clashes on page 5:
"10 percent rise in interest rates from 4 to 14 percent on a mortgage amortized over 25 years will send a $2,500 monthly payment to a stratospheric $5,701 or 128% increase"

And there is the probable idiom he doesn't explain on p21
"the shock waves rippled through the fabric of the global financial world at speed and intensity of those triggered by the Tsar Bomb. "

"Tsar bomb" ? No explanation to non Russians?