Banks: Corporate Bundles of Dismal Joy - and Mislaid Rage

"So you have a toxic mix of 1) Antiquated and dysfunctional state law, 2) Exponentially growing modern, sophisticated, technologically advanced international corporations and 3) a seething pile of humans on whom both depend in a weird, symbiotic mashup - humans that are fast losing a grip on the other two. Holding it altogether is nothing but a thin blind belief in a series of economic and political dogmas that began to rust years ago - and which give the wheel its creaky perpetual motion. Good times.

Flaying bankers alive accomplishes nothing, and punishes humans who are guilty of little more than playing by the rules exceptionally well. Regulating any commercial enterprise within a wobbly system is like having tea with a hungry lion; Band-Aids for a kid with razor blades. Banks are no different and as corporations, they simply cannot help themselves. Whatever it is they do in those towers of gold and ivory, banks are auto programmed by law and fiduciary duty to do what they were designed to do - and nothing more."