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Thread: Video:Bob Chapman and the New Dollar

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    Default Video:Bob Chapman and the New Dollar

    Who knows! A number of people seem to be writing about it. I guess a lot depends on whether you believe in the 'recovery'!

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    I for one think it is highly plausible. They can't contain the deception much longer and even if the typical American doesn't have a clue, our creditors do.

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    Where is the design from for this one dollar note?

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    As MR Spock would say "Captain, there are always possablies".......However i think they just print, no new currenany they take the cowards route!


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    Brilliant! Just Brilliant!

    The new dollar is great news! Finally the IRS will be able to catch all the scofflaws who have been avoiding paying tax on their cash business receipts. In particular, organized crime/drug-runners/other shady people will be caught with their pants down. All that cash and no way to convert it. :eek: Imagine organized crime without any cash! We'll know its coming when the IRS starts hiring lots of agents so they can have one per bank to provide enforcement.

    Now imagine how the deficit gets solved for a while simply by cashing in on avoided tax revenues! Maybe the sneaky government is going to print blue dollar bills and trade them one for one with the existing greenbacks -- checking the tax status on the way. For the fun of it, they could seize the full amount of tax-avoided cash and pay it back after the court case and prison sentences. What a concept! People would burn their illegal loot to avoid jail and the money supply would shrink!!! I think I first heard of it in the '60s but an idea as good as that needs to age like fine wine until its time is come.

    Now, if the blue dollar doesn't scare you enough, we have already had stories of the Amero taking over. Which will come first? I wonder what the exchange rate will be?

    Maybe they will put RFIDs into the new blue cash too, just like these microwaved $20s from 2004/5

    When you put things in perspective, they all start to make sense.

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    proposed color scheme already taken.

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