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Good list. Thanks.
Actually, I really like EJ's formulation in his most recent post:

"[T]he U.S. economy is a madhouse of tax, regulatory, and monetary policies geared to special interests. To the Military Industrial Complex add the Banking Industrial Complex, Health Care Industrial Complex, Education Industrial Complex, Real Estate Industrial Complex, and on and on."

And this makes a lot more sense as energy policy than the convulated carbon credits process now under discussion (which manifestly failed to work in Europe post-Kyoto):

"But who cares about data? Stocks and houses are what Wall is selling. Soon they’ll be selling carbon credits, as the economy chokes on new taxes and fees on energy use when all we needed to do was tax oil imports and use the revenue to finance projects to reduce transportation inefficiency. But investment banks can’t earn fees on direct taxes by government, so we get a byzantine new tax and fee system instead."