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Yes, but the wealth disparity in America is much more severe. I would estimate that the median iTuliper is in about the 85th percentile among the general populous. This chart might more closely represent the wealth distribution among the top 20-30% of Americans.

I'm 30% phys when compared to my liquid assets (gold, cash, MMKT), but 30% becomes 5% if compared to my real net worth.

What we are observing here is simply how much gold (one of of many possible assets) we each hold. What do we really want to measure, average iTuliper gold hoards ... or iTuliper metals sentiment as a % of all owned assets? :confused:

We now have an idea where we stand in the iTulip gold hoard pecking order, FWIW.

Measuring the sentiment of someone who is 5% gold with a huge net worth vs one who is 95% committed to gold with a much smaller net worth is very interesting data in my mind. A gold or metals sentiment indicator of sorts.

"What % of your true net worth is currently invested in gold or PMs" instead of "how much gold do you have".