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Thread: Climategate-Copenhagen-Goldman carbon trade scam

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    Default Climategate-Copenhagen-Goldman carbon trade scam

    It seems the Climategate scandal is going to derail the carbon cap trade futures scam. (I understand Goldman Sachs was very interested in trading carbon offset futures)

    With the Climategate scandal it seems this dream of introducing a new global stealth tax paid to a group of a few private banks by the whole world, may crumble. The Copenhagen conference which was meant to create a new supranational enforcement system to guarantee the profits of a corrupt banking elite, by imposing a hidden private tax on energy consumption, may not succeed due to public outrage.

    In Australia the Manbearpig bill has been defeated.

    Already, the Indian government has signalled it is not ready for a firm commitment.

    The environmentalist movement is in disarray, (except a few eco-fanatics) and the general message of reason sounds like this

    Plus there is the ridicule....:cool:

    What do you think? Will Goldman Sachs and other banks involved in carbon offset trade (they already have an OTC future market set up for this) be able to impose this global tax, even if AGW has been proved to be a fraud?

    Maybe one day we will say about the Climategate something like:
    Never in the history of humankind have so many (the whole planet) owned so much to so few (a couple of hackers)! :cool:

    PS1 (Alex Jones has a field day with this, because it's clear he was right all along about the AGW scam)
    PS2 In Al Gore's firm for climate change financial milking (which has a the very appropriate name of Blood&Gore ) the other partner is David Blood, ex Goldman partner.
    PS3 For those who do not believe in Goldman Sachs conspiracies, and still believe we are post Peak Oil, I recommend reading this excellent piece in Rolling Stone which explains how CFTC had secretly given permission to Goldman Sachs to take larger positions then other traders (this also, probably settles, the old Oil Bubble thread controversy )
    PS4 This is the last message I'll post on iTulip for a while (if I won't be able to be home for X-mas). Therefore, just in case, I would like to wish everybody a pre-emptive Merry X-mas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule etc. and all the best for 2010!

    For those who are muslim, I hope I'm not too late to offer a Happy Eid!

    (I'm off to the airport. Cab is here.)
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