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    Quote Originally Posted by Diarmuid View Post
    Thanks Sapiens, for posting this and recent Material; much appreciated
    Hi Sapiens

    Thanks again - this poses more questions then it answers I think :p.

    Firstly the notion of a corporation or a legal person is a thought object, it does not exist in the physical world a cooperation can consist of buildings employees etc.. but these physical manifestations of the company are not the company itself; the corporation is a shared thought object among the minds of men. This meeting of the minds or common understanding allows for the perpetuity as eluded to below.

    ".... consist of one person only and his successors, in some particular station, who are
    incorporated by law, in order to give them some legal capacities and advantages,
    particularly that of perpetuity, which in their natural persons they could not have
    As such the object must be construed, either partially or fully by each for its existence, it is the passing and shared understanding of the concept , the idea, which gives the entity its perpetuity, for its continued existence, we as individuals must continually rebirth the entity / definition, though shared understanding. Which at least for me throws up a major conundrum, how can a thing, which is born of the minds ability to manifest it, be classified as the same as the mind.

    For a classification system to work I suppose, such as biotic, abiotic mammals, fish, etc.., there must be a shared common base for their classification, how is it that a fiction that is only manifested by the minds ability to do such a thing be classified as the same as that which manifested it. The poet is not the poem, the author not the story. One would reasonably classify the poem and the story together or the poet and the author but surely not vice versa.

    As has been seen widely from corporate abuse of the environment and people generally, it is near impossible to ascribe duties or penalties to a thing which has such an ephemeral quality the definition offers a shield of limited liability, and in fact seems to be the reason for such classification to those who would perpetuate such crimes , I believe the equating of the fiction to that of the real has been a great travesty for the world.
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    "that each simple substance has relations which express all the others"

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