If I've Lost My Mind Just Now Forum is for threads posted by otherwise perfectly sane members who's brains are taking a holiday from reality, then I have been thinking! (Pun Intended)

I have been questioned by my American friends if I could do anything to change the current mess the USA finds its self experiencing and If I had the power to implement those changes - What would I do ?

Well for what its worth, I'll give it a shot.

Parameters -
Actions must provide "bang for your buck"
Actions must be targeted at main weakness
Actions must be long lasting and effective.

I am seeking sensible input.

My action would be to change the mental attitude that US citizens find themselves adopting. How would I do it - Free Marketing through advertising.

I would get and print off some "Bumper stickers" with captions such as-

"I Refuse to engage in a Recession"
"I lost my job and found myself"
"Lower prices are what we need - Warren Buffet"
"I work for a hard ass Boss - ME"
"Recession is Fun - I now work for me"
"I maybe engaged to Recession but Im only using her"
"This is America - We don't tolerate Recession -we Kill em"
"My Neighbor lost his job and gained a personality"
"Being Unemployed gives time - Use it for good works"

The above are my own intellectual verse worked up in 10 mins

Distribution would be free in Bagging at Walmart- Home depot and all working class stores.
Electronic bill boards to be hired as well.
I think it would help lift spirts

You guys are the spin kings - spin yourself a grassroot recovery

From Kelly's Heros - oddlot - "too many negative vibes man"