If one checks the charts of GDM, HUI, and XAU the RSI's are showing deterioration as the indices have recently moved higher, and the MACD histograms are about to decrease to the zero line--none of the histograms is negative yet.

Silver and gold show the RSI's have moved right up along with the recent price increases and the MACD's are pointed North, so classically the prices could continue up while the RSI and MACD deteriorate; however, at the May '06 highs once they were achieved the RSI's and MACD's turned South and kept going.

Put a $ in front of all these symbols to get the charts at stockcharts.com.

It would not surprise me to see Gold and Silver correct at least 10% of the recent moves which have occurred quickly and parabolically, and whether that occurs in conjunction with a recognizable Ka, I don't know how it will play out.