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Every opinion on the dollar is negative. The only difference is whether it is going to just drop, or crash.
Can the crowd be right? Is everyone going to be right about the dollar? Forget contrary opinion, there isn't any. There is only unanimity. Huh? Doesn't this bother anybody?
My San Diego daily fishwrap had a front page D0llar gloom article pointing out that the Euro is at a record high yesterday, even though it's not. Before the Euro was created the ten original members currencies were trading at a combined 1.42. My San Diego fishwrap made no mention of the d0llar drop from 2001 when Uncle Buck was trading at 120 on the index all the way until Uncle Buck was trading at 85. How they missed this 29% move is beyond me other than nobody wanted the masses to know. Now it's front page news, the move is over and the only thing left to do is scare the masses out of the d0llar before it heads higher. Somebodies got to get stuck holding the bag and it's certainly not going to be Wall Street. The crowd is never correct, how can it be in a zero sum game when the real players need a million cows to bet the wrong direction in order for the powers that be to make a buck. Looks like it's about time to unload my Euros that I bought at $1.07, never a bad move to take your profits and go play a different game. Shitty overpriced tech stocks looks like a pretty good bet, or at least they have been since August.