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    Default When is an Alien a State National, And a U.S. Citizen a National...?
    Has anyone ever purchased a weapon at a gun show, or gun shop?

    Next time you do . . . take a look very closely at the NICS form. They ask you if you are a "U.S. Citizen" or a . . . are you ready for this:

    A "non-immigrant alien!"

    You gotta be kidding me!!! Guys, our remedy is right there under our noses. The IRC is clear. The Obama-Care bill is clear. So is the NICS form when you purchase a weapon.

    If you are a "free man" domiciled in the sovereign Union, you are a statutory "alien" with regard to federal forms and laws. If you live in your Union state, you are a nonresident alien. If you live on federal territory, which could include a military installation, you are living in the statutory United States and you would be a "resident alien." That's why a "US person" is a CITIZEN or RESIDENT. Taxation predicated on activity, but domicile drives many other things . . . such as forms used, and a whole host of other things. If you don't believe me, go read what the IRC says about nonresident aliens NOT engaged in a trade or business . . . also known as natural born, sovereign Americans.

    Remember: We the People wrote the Constitution to constrain the Government. The Government writes legislation to constrain the people who avail themselves to their venue either by domicile or contract. When someone asks you if you are a US Citizen, your response should be: "Define United States please." If the Feds are asking either directly or on ANY form . . . then you know what they are asking. Beware! You are an "alien," not a "US Citizen" when Uncle Sugar is asking.

    Moral of the story: Stay in your Union state and don't sign up for the Fed's goodies under IV:3:2 of the Constitution. They will own you if you do. And for crying out loud. Stop tying you SSN to everything you do! Push back on that HARD!!!

    Notice that it is NATIONALITY that is required for a passport, NOT "United States" citizenship. That's because Congress cannot mandate the citizenship statutorily of natural born American citizens. They can mandate citizenship of "aliens" that are foreign nationals through I:8:4 of the Constitution allowing for a uniform rule of naturalization, but NOT statutory "aliens" from within the Union who are born here, and not naturalized. Congress has plenary jurisdiction ALL OVER the Union of "aliens" who are foreign nationals . . . but not "aliens" who are American nationals. This is the BIG DEAL about being an American. This is what makes you different than the others all over the world. That's why the Founders set up a FEDERAL government, and NOT a NATIONAL government. It's called the Separation of Powers Doctrine, and we've all fallen asleep at the helm, and allowed ourselves to be treated as citizens of England, France, Germany, or any other NATIONAL Government our Founders fled from. Protect yourself and your rights by reclaiming your proper legal status vis a vis the FEDERAL Government -- "alien."

    Of course it is your CITIZENSHIP/DOMICILE that determines your accurate status under Title 8. Everyone domiciled in the USA is an American National (A), and an American Citizen. Everyone in the "Red" or "Yellow" are statutory "United States nationals" (D). If you are a citizen of a Union state, you are a statutory "alien" (F), because an "alien" is anyone who is NOT a "citizen or national of the UNITED STATES" (B)(C) or (D) (so defined). Get it? The "red" and "yellow" fall under the sovereignty of the Federal Government. The "blue" falls under the sovereignty of We the People, and the Union states themselves. See 10th Amendment for more clarification. Two sovereignties, two perspectives. If the government is asking if you are a "US Citizen," WATCH OUT . . . you know what is up!!!!

    Of course, your proper legal status is imputed through Title 8 as a "non-citizen national" (E). Of course, the State Department will tell you that American Samoans and Swains Islanders (C) are the only "US nationals" (D) that are eligible for the "non-citizen national" status (E). Well, this is a true statement. But true to form of the "United States" government, they do NOT tell you the whole story. You see, those domiciled/citizens of the "blue" -- the Union, are also eligible for the "non-citizen national" endorsement (E). Those in the "blue" are not "United States nationals" denoted in (D). Yet they still meet the statutory requirements of "non-citizen national." Of course, you're not supposed to know this, as this gives you the keys to your chains of financial servitude to the "United States" Government. Why? Because "aliens" from the Union often do not fall into Federal Jurisdiction. That is unless those "aliens" availed themselves to a Federal contract by entering into an agreement to procure Social Insurance by obtaining a SSN. Of course, like a fishing license doesn't connote fishing, so a SSN does not connote that you must use it. If you do, anything attached to it is part of the public domain, and no longer private property.

    If you are residing in the "blue circle," the Union, you are NOT residing in the statutory "United States" -- you are a NONRESIDENT ALIEN.

    If you are living in the "red circle," the statutory "United States," and domiciled/citizen of the "blue circle" -- you ARE a RESIDENT ALIEN.

    A "US person" is a citizen/resident of the "United States." This is why a citizen is never identified in the IRC or regs as an "individual." He doesn't have to be. He is a citizen of the "United States" and thus a "US person." Resident aliens are "US persons" too because they are in the "United States" legal venue by virtue of their residence.

    Imagine if every military member in America, NOT living on a military base (a "United States" enclave in the "red circle") just went and filed the proper W-8ECI forms (nonresident alien effectively connected with a trade or business). They of course would still be taxpayers, but it would shine a very bright light on the entire "United States citizen" misunderstanding.

    Needless to say, these principles apply to Corporations and other juristic persons. All it will take is for a few attorneys to figure this out, and think of the profits that would be enjoyed by those Union state corporations who are NOT engaged in a "trade or business." Delaware corporations are not "United States" corporations -- they are "nonresident aliens."

    Rome is crumbling!!

    Excellent pdf addressing status:
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