I just wanted to provide this link to a blog (that has lots of on-site video reports) that provides the view of a realtor who specializes in repos, distressed sales, etc. He's smart, funny, informative, and no BS IMHO and imparts a sense of reality to what the media provides only sketches of. And you may see things there first happening "live" that only turn up later as statistics, such as bounces off the bottom, increases in flipping activity, etc.

You will also be able to note what is happening in desirable luxury markets versus worker markets, and everything in between.

He's in the San Diego region, which is represenative of the hardest hit regions in some ways, but has it's unique qualities as well.

I hope others find it as interesting as I do.

BTW, apparently they eventually did a profile on him on Nightline (or one of those news magazine shows anyway)