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Thanks Tet, really liked your post. Let's go over it in details, so you will have a chance to learn something.
Wow, something other than one line good to see.

How can you be so sure? I had very good returns for the last 10 years (read further, and you will understand, why 10, and why they were pretty good).
I wouldn't trade sixteen years, but sixteen is all I've got, first investment was all hard work and good luck.

Again, how do you know? I did quite a lot of work to learn e.g. English, and many, many things an immigrant needs to learn in a new country (including investing, which was totally impossible in the old country when I left it).
Me I've been away from home for thirty years, when I go back I get lost and that's here in the US, I don't even recognize the place. One always seems to think what you leave stays the same but it always seems to change.

If you paid attention, you would realize, English is not my first language. If you paid a little bit more attention and did a bit of simple work, like googling my username (which I'm sure is something you're not familiar with), you would realize, the 'medved' is Russian for 'bear'.
Not surprising on an english forum don't you think? I've learned to google Russian tie-ins for future reference. Silly me I thought Medved was some Dittohead radio personality.

So, my first language *is* Russian. Since I learned enough of English and earned enough money to invest (which happened around 1997), I was bearish on the market. It turned out to be a pretty profitable strategy (together with investing in PMs and currencies).
What market was this? Bearish in '97 means you missed out on all the fun for the dot.bomb rocket launch. PM's and currencies have been movers, I do have a bag full of Euros. I'm more inclinded to sell the bag than buy more of them.

The Russians keep complaining about it for the last 300 years. Not that this is totally wrong, but Russia is, definitely, not at the top of the list of raped, looted and plundered countries. Besides, this is a two-way street, so Russia did its share of rape, looting and plunder. Russians really like blaming foreigners for their own problems. I got sick of it back in Russia long before I left it.
Russia certainly did their share of plundering, we're in agreement.

You need to know a bit more about the country, before you jump to your conclusions. This is precisely the problem with conspiracy theorists: they take their theories out of context.
I think it's you taking this out of context, Gangster Capitalism is alive and well.

You do need more work on your Occam's razor.

Will do.