I freely admit I’m running scared. It’s not what happens with metals…those are reasonably predictable by iTulip’s best guys, within reason, and I learn more all the time.

I have gold and a bit of silver, the house is paid for, and the real estate (income units) if sold even in this market would net as much as is owed against it. All that’s nice if our society doesn’t change too much, too fast.

But I don’t like what I see.

The daily Market is up, the futures are down, and the price of gold…well, it’s nice to see it above $1,000.00, since it seems to be the tipoff that a very nice pump and dump is in progress.

The Mainstream Media reports nothing…bought and paid for by the ‘very left’ and their corporate Tarp bailed out friends. So, barring the financial channel’s, I find what info I need on the internet, from books, and a lot of double checking of facts, and watch my ticker updates day and night.

But now we really are up against a possible turn away from our Constitution. Not that the current administration hasn’t already run rampant over law after law, but if they get their public option to provide Government Health Care, eviscerating rather than reforming the current legal/structural/financial/ health insurance system in place, power will shift to control of the people, not by the people, and debt peonage will soon follow.…if not immediately, certainly very soon.

I don’t mind burying the gold, but running for the hills, as other generations have done is beyond my ability. My dad’s 84, and fragile except with a shotgun, and I limp badly. So no running.

But a Marxist flavored Autocracy, hand in hand with all the corporate giants really bothers me. So does the UNEP Treaty which has been twice before congress, and quietly pulled as not being quite the right time to finish up consolidating NAFTA. (UNEP combines all three NAFTA countries into one region, and divides up things into new, larger states/countries)…well, I don’t really fancy a rush toward globalism.

I like going slow, because I hate change. Most people do. I could put up with all the creeping socialism everywhere because of the incrementalism, and under a law abiding society, I can figure out the rules, and get by.

But the country isn’t following a lot of the rules anymore…just the ones that suit them, and I tend to despise marxism.

If the radical Left takes over quickly, I know what I will do.

Do any of you? :eek: