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Thread: Interview with Asia investing and commodities guru Jim Rogers

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    Default Re: Interview with Asia investing and commodities guru Jim Rogers

    aaron, rogers didn't corroborate your belief with any data or even a strongly delineated theory; he merely expressed the same opinion as yours.

    i am skeptical that asia and europe will be relatively spared in a u.s. recession. the u.s. consumer has been the engine of global growth.

    china imports a lot from other asian countries, but a lot of that is primary and intermediate products that go into chinese exports, mostly to the u.s. i think a u.s. recession will expose some of the weaknesses in the chinese economy, and put huge political stress on that system as well.

    i expect "ka" to be global, and hit especially hard anything that's high beta or has been levered. i think the february sell-off was a sneak preview.

    i think the recovery, on the other hand, will be very different, and not nearly so u.s. centric as the global economy has been. the u.s. will have its "poom," while growth elsewhere around the globe will be healthier.
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