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ssssh! don't tell everyone yet. i need more time to buy cheap gold. i'll let you know when it's ok

R.E. Dollar strengthening, HOW does that happen exactly. It seems like the one and only bet is that the dollar is going to IMPLODE, collapse, what have you. (Hence the rush to hard assets no matter how overpriced they seem to be).

Doesn't dollar collapse imply Stock market to the MOON as well as RE as well as commodities.

Or are we talking about the worst of Both worlds were we have PE rampant inflation with simultaneous Debt deflation.

Taken as 1 part each, there are assets to hold during inflation and there are mutually exclusive assets to hold during inflation. When both are occuring simultaneously, WHAT the HECK do you Hold your wealth in?!?


"Yes, I know about cheap G0ld, but what about OIL, Uranium, Copper, Lead, TIN, all that other stuff, and do you own futures or stocks of miners, THAT is my question."