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Thread: Mega goes Eric Janszen & trys to work out what is coming.

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    Default Mega goes Eric Janszen & trys to work out what is coming.

    Mega goes “Eric Jansen” & try’s to work out what is coming.

    Not being over flush with work right now has allowed me a large amount of free time to consider the “possibilities” of what is & what is to come. I can see a number of things but trying to make an accurate prediction of what is to come is difficult because of the variable factors that are in the mix.

    I mean using pure logic it’s clear that the system is dead, the Cancer has killed the patent. Sure techoly he still alive on life support, but brain dead, no hope. However there are many vested interests that are simply NOT WILLING to call time. A mixture of Geo-politics & power plays both internationally & with the US itself are for the time delaying the evitable.

    So, the question is how does American get this debt monkey off its back, while remains THE World power & keeping the $ THE World reserve currency?

    It can’t………….

    War remains an option but the American people are getting sick of the various “Wars on terror” (Lets grab someone oil/gas etc). Any attempt to destabilise China will result in China phoning North Korea & telling them to attack South Korea…..America would have to commit troops she simply doesn’t have, China will have already “Advised” the US NOT TO GO NUKE.

    For all the Sable rattling the US/Uk is a Paper Tiger, a spent force, I remember an ad in Flight international in the 80’s for the F15, lovely shot of it climbing showing the Aim 9/Aim 7 missiles……”Deterrence is not force used, but force restrained”.

    America shot her bolt, the end is near, the game is up.

    Dollar devaluation either by inflation or devaluation IS the future, personally I think it be sudden. I think they devalue by 35%, then let inflation lose….again forget the “He Man” bulsh*t, they would already been given clearance by China Etc for this move in return for a new reserve currency based on commodities such as Oil/Gas/Gold/Silver/Food……….Etc.

    Trading will be suspended while the devaluation is in play, then said stocks will rally to reflect the value although some US based Stocks will CRASH.

    Then we can start to clean out the system and rebuild US/UK.


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