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Thread: Gary Shilling big call: Stocks down to 600 in 09

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    Default Gary Shilling big call: Stocks down to 600 in 09


    • The economy won't start to recover until 2010 (versus the current consensus of now). It will recover because the government will be forced into a second stimulus.
    • The US consumer rules the world...and the US consumer is cutting back fast
    • Consumer spending will drop from 70% of GDP to 60% as consumers pay down debt and go on a saving spree.
    • Most recessions have a positive quarter or two of GDP, so if we get one, it won't mean anything.
    • The S&P will plunge 35% to 600 by the end of the year.
    • Buy Treasuries, Buy $USD
    No wonder Kudlow doesnt have him on the show any more !

    Gary Shilling is no fool, picked housing bust when no one would listen, is he correct again ???

    Have the CFOs and CEOs sbeen reading Gary's work ?

    Last week the Vickers Weekly Insider Report listed current insider selling at 4.16 to 1. That means more than four times as many shares owned by insiders are being sold than bought.
    The last time this indicator was this high was the beginning of one of the biggest sell offs in history, October 2007, the top of the 2002-2007 bull market .
    Insiders are usually early and that's the good news. They're giving us another gift - an early warning. These are some of the best and brightest in the business world. If they're selling it's for a good reason.
    Remember the Insiders selling in the Housing sector, then month latter housing stocks plunged !
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