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Thread: A "National Coin Week" exhibit by Joel Anderson ~ A LOOK AT GERMAN INFLATION 1914-1924

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    I llike the fact that it was called Goldmark before the war and paper mark after the war.

    Still, this one should have worked through the hyperinflation.

    Mark, Silver
    Would buy 1 Dozen Eggs,
    5 Pounds of Potatoes or a pound of Meat
    Bread is 22 Pfennig a loaf.

    Because of coin hoarding caused by the war and increasing inflation, these silver coins rarely circulated. Germany would discontinue the silver Mark in 1919.
    2. 2. Silver coins

    Silver coins were minted in .900 fineness to a standard of 5 grams silver per Mark. Production of 2 and 5 Mark coins ceased in 1915 while 1 Mark coins continued to be issued until 1916. A few 3 Mark coins was minted until 1918, and Mark coins continued to be issued in silver until 1919.
    20 Pfennig, 1.1111 g (1 g silver), only until 1878
    Mark or 50 Pfennig, 2.7778 g (2.5 g silver)
    1 Mark, 5.5555 g (5 g silver)
    2 Mark, 11.1111 g (10 g silver)
    3 Mark, 16.6667 g (15 g silver), from 1908 onwards
    5 Mark, 27.7778 g (25 g silver)
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