I've been sitting around all day thinking serious thoughts about my life. Seeing that I feel uncomfortable even talking to most of my friends about this, I feel compelled to vent to the itulip community, and hopefully get some good advice.

A background of myself before my rant: I'm 25, I live in the same town I spent a good amount of time growing up in, and going to college. Despite this, I feel like I've never really settled here. I don't own many things because I've always thought that my young self would eventually move somewhere else (and it's still a possibility). Most of my money/positions has sat in cash over the years (which ended up being a great decision aside from not keeping up with inflation, but I've worked to fix that over the past year ). I've had the same job for the past four years (this is unusual compared to most of my friends, flipping jobs every two years), I have a good boss, I'm just perhaps underpaid a bit. Many of my friends say I'm probably in the best situation I could ever be in, but I feel like I am stunting my personal growth by staying where I am.
I often have a "sexy" vision of cashing out and leaving the country, cutting ties to everything expecting things to be better somewhere else. This can be seen by my posts in other threads about moving to NZ, CA, etc.

Options I'm currently considering:

1) Look into new jobs

2) Look into working my same job remotely, i.e. digital nomadding.

3) Going to graduate school in another country.

I guess I'm looking for anyone on itulip to provide advice, anecdotes, or suggestions of places worthy of moving to.

Disclaimer: to help explain things further, yes, I'm single.