The emoticons we have are good...a few plain ones added for simplicity wouldn't hurt, if they are the same size and quality.

The new fund should be accessible by a link that has to be signed into, just like select membership...and I will gladly invest a few nesteggs into it as soon as my eggs are released from probate jail.

The new web site...right now the membership forum is the money maker...the forum should have priority...a few free threads are nice to pull people in, and to pay for what is seen for free should be done so at the price of looking at the book info, and purchase link being offered, other than the beginning of the three most critical and important articles... two not dated, and rotated, the other the most recent. That way you can offer a little old content to get people into the book and the fund information. Same thing for the open forum, one current thread, and two older, undated, rotated threads, leading into the book and the fund information.

As for search, click on advanced search, upper right hand corner. Then fill in the boxes with the terms you are seaching, and EJ's name. You get oodles of threads to look at.

FAQ questions could have the search function explained well on the new site.

A definition of EJ's meaning of words would be nice for clarity.

It isn't hard, but it would be nice to search by each post under the member's infomation rather than just the thread in advanced search, but I've never seen any forum do that. Yet! Hint Hint!!!