Everything is going up... gold, silver, oil... Why didn't I buy more!? Is it too late?

I am starting to fear inflation. It has gone from a "what if" to "it has started". I guess I had to see it with my own two eyes. I thought there might be a problem with deflation. With all the money being printed/spent now, are we going to be crushed? ("we" being those with $usd) .


What is the average mortgage payment these days? It seems to me that there are a lot of people who, rather than pay their mortgage, are spending their money on stuff and things. With this next wave of foreclosures to hit, that means there are a lot of people with extra cash these days. Even unemployment insurance goes pretty far if you do not pay any rent. I think you can stay in your house about 8 months before the bank kicks you out, or even longer if you multi-mod. If the average mortage payment is $2000, then that is an extra 16K in cash to spend/save per household. Let's face it, I am not the only one who can do math: Rent = $2200/month. Mortgage = $4400. Home Value= -$100,000 and counting. What is the sensible thing to do?

Somebody who knows real numbers could probably tell me if this is an amount of money worthy of mention. I know some people who feel extremely "rich" right now because of this. That will change once they have to pay rent, but that has not stopped them from returning to their previous lifestyle. Could that be the source of the extra money that is floating through the system?