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    Re: Martin Armstrong reports

    Originally posted by Raz View Post
    Indeed there is. Raz can find almost anything. Old Norm is waiting for you to "tune in".
    So put on your tin-foil hat and enjoy!


    Prepared by Norman Winski
    as soon as i saw your post, raz, the name i was seeking jumped into my head: peter eliades. so if there are 2 astrologer-market seers, there must be even more [like cockroaches].

    the technician style writings which interested me the most was robert prechter's book, noted below [so i can avoid struggling with formatting issues]. this was not really his elliott wave stuff, so much as an exploration of the idea that the stock market is the timeliest available measure of "social mood," an instantaneous measure of broadly held optimism or pessimism about the market, the economy, and society in general. thus the stock market leads other social changes, hemlines included. this statement also reminds me of finster's observation, also made by mark faber, about how inflation/money moves like a wave through the system.

    .The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the New Science of Socionomics

    as for woodsman's query about martin armstrong, i read his early [and long] papers closely, and even the short pieces he released from jail. i found his work interesting, but i still don't respect numerology as methodology. i still have on my hard drive about 13mb of armstrong articles, including "the business cycle and the future" [a seminal piece originally published sept 1999 and which was, i believe, the first piece in which he said that his 8.6 year cycle was based on 1000*pi days], "a three year old with pocket calculator.." [oct 2009-published from prison], and "conspiracy theories cloaking reality" [another prison piece]. i also have the new yorker article from oct'09 in which the "secret" of pi was further discussed. i always found his writings interesting, but ultimately not of any use for me.

    if anyone cares, the armstrong cycle dates calculated back in 1999, but still to come, are 2015.75 [10/7/15], 2017.9 [12/1/17], 2020.05 [1/26/20] and a few more even further out.

    it might be more interesting if someone wanted to look back to the dates he marked which were to occur after his publication but prior to NOW, and thus subject to scrutiny. those were 2000.7 [9/13/00], 2002.85 [11/8/02], 2005[1/2/05], 2007.15 [2/27/07], 2009.3 [4/23/09], 2011.45 [6/18/11], 2013.6 [8/12/13]. if anyone cares to look and see if anything notable occurred on or near those dates, please let us know.

    fyi, the s&p low of '09 was march 2- 7.5 wks earlier than his '09 date. in his writings he usually emphasizes the uncanny nature of the turn dates, and points to things within a few days at most of the one predicted. so i don't think 7.5 weeks should count as a hit. but there are a lot of other markets, maybe something else turned around his predicted date.
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      Re: Martin Armstrong reports

      A possible explanation:

      Of Course…But Maybe: Financial Advice From Louis CK

      article with video:

      Of course T.A. has as much investment forecasting merit as Tarot cards and phrenology, but maybe...