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McMansion the Movie - the trend is well under way

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  • McMansion the Movie - the trend is well under way

    I saw an article in my local paper - they producers of the Movie are looking for people who LOVE or HATE their McMansion - Another Sign that the love of Housing is over.

    At the same time many Towns are trying to enact anti-McMansion rules to prevent builder from tearing down small homes and replacing them with larger homes (these same towns can't seem to keep their Municipal Spending under control).

    The Movie is focused on how McMansion ruin communities and peoples lives.

    Just another couple of obvious indicators that the Housing Market is headed down. Like EJ pointed out in an earlier essay about the Hippie Movement - its soon will be cool to hate McMansions - and perhaps even HIP to rent and Not Own a home.

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    Re: McMansion the Movie - the trend is well under way

    Interesting article by Mike Shedlock regarding condo sales in Tampa and home sales in Key West, FL.

    Originally posted by Shedlock
    What have we learned from this?
    • Units will sell at an unconditional vs. a conditional auction
    • Conditional sellers are still too stubborn about price
    • Anyone "needing" a particular price likely cannot get it
    • Condo prices have declined 40% in some locations, and we still are not at the bottom
    • Carry costs are mounting
    • There is still pent-up supply.
    Final Thoughts

    Panic has still not set in, but it will eventually. That event could be years off.
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