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On the Hedge Fund Underworld from an Insider

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  • On the Hedge Fund Underworld from an Insider

    “Forget about suitcase nukes. Forget about anthrax. Forget about flying jetliners into skyscrapers. Forget about all forms of conventional terrorism. Hire me. I'll assemble a team of traders, some IT guys and a few guys with prime brokerage experience, and together, with a bankroll from you, we'll bring Wall Street down.
    We'll use the IT guys to build our own trading platform. I like a proprietary platform. Nice thing to own. The Russian Trading System is a good model. Next, we'll also use the IT guys to build our own ATS (alternative trading system ) or ECN (electronic communications network). An ATS is a wormhole into the dark matter of the financial universe. You have to have at least one. More than one is better.
    Then, our prime brokerage guys can do their thing. What they do is a form of wizardry. Prime brokers are wizards. They create new forms of money—swaps, derivatives and structured products—from nothing. They create portfolios from nothing. They are the merchants of mirrors. They buy, sell and trade illusions and chimeras.”

    “Merrill Lynch trading swaps and derivatives with Iran. Mullahs on the mainframe. Citigroup trading swaps and derivatives with Venezuela. Chavez on the craps table. UBS trading swaps and derivatives with almost anyone out there in the ethers—Christ, the anti-Christ—it doesn't matter to UBS. What matters is that traders keep liquidity coming out the yin-yang.
    We've seen the emergence of a new master race on Wall Street who work hand in hand with the traders. They created this market of swaps and derivatives, and help traders manipulate this market through their own brand of highly sophisticated pump-and-dump schemes and do their damned best to keep this market secret and off the books. These are the prime brokers.
    Not in keeping with their other brethren on Wall Street, either short-term traders or long-term bankers, prime brokers are the new barbarians at the gate. They augment the activities of the hedge-fund guys and private-equity guys—and then take the game to a whole other level.”

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    “A hedge fund based in London set up a "dirty-tricks unit" to manipulate share prices and get illicit information on companies in an attempt to make millions on the stock market, an insider has revealed.”

    "These international criminals pose real national security threats to this country," Mukasey said in a speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank. He cited recent cases, many with links to the former Soviet bloc.
    "They touch all sectors of our economy, dealing in everything from cigarettes to oil; clothing to pharmaceuticals," Mukasey said…
    The first task is to identify and target the global crime groups and their the leaders, Mukasey said. The department will give more information to the State Department to help it deny visas to known criminals.”

    “…Deripaska had been barred from the U.S. pending the resolution of what Magna called ``unspecified questions'' raised by visa officials. Deripaska blames the U.S. bureaucracy, declining to elaborate. He says he hopes the ban might be lifted with a new U.S. administration.
    Meeting With McCain
    Deripaska met with Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January. A call and e-mail to McCain's press office weren't returned.
    U.S. Senate and House records show Deripaska spent $260,000 in 2005 for help with ``visa policies and procedures.'' His lobbyist was former Republican presidential candidate and Senator Robert Dole, 84, according to Dole spokesman Mike Marshall.”