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  • Democrats

    What is the point of being a democrat now? If they cannot do anything with control of president, senate, and house. Democrats have not done anything with the majority, imagine when they become the minority. What use will the puppet masters have for big government socialist after this year? Seems their goose is cooked, throw the bums out! To my amazement, the sheep might fall for it all over again. In 2006 the sheep voted the republican bums out and in 2010 they quite possibly will vote them right back in!

    I cannot even type meaningful sentences about this absurdity. Its like watching a loved one keep going back to abusive relationships.

    or going to party sober where everyone is drunk as skunks. All hoopin and hollerin and enjoying the ride. But they all seem so annoying. Maybe I should just throw on a Palin or Obama t-shirt and join in.

    Ever wonder what it would feel like to be a German before the Nazi regime took over? Probably alot like tonight. Will I stand up against it, join it, or get the hell out of the way.

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    It's a chance for you to grow personally

    Chances like this rarely come around - MAKE THE MOST OF IT and use this opportunity to learn new skills
    frustration tolerance
    anger management
    explore whole new quantum levels of cynicism
    set huge new challenges for yourself (how long can you go without using Obama and F**K in the same sentence?)


    feel free to add items to this list ...