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MEGA GOLD news (May be)

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  • MEGA GOLD news (May be)

    I would remind you that Jim Willie has made some BIG claims before, however....

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    Re: MEGA GOLD news (May be)

    If gold sky-rockets in price because of some dislocation in the paper markets, who is going to buy my gold Maples?

    I was thinking (fantasizing?) about gold suddenly rising to ten thousand dollars... Where would I be able to unload a few gold coins? I doubt any of the local coin shops have enough fiat to buy all that much and would probably have a "bullion holiday". Will there really be buyers of physical? Would anybody here give up the equivalent of a BMW for 5 gold coins just because Wall Street says they are worth 10K each?

    I have the bad feeling that a dislocation in the paper market will only benefit owners of paper, not real gold. At least not little 'ol me. Thoughts?


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      Re: MEGA GOLD news (May be)

      If Gold goes to 10000 people will have more to worry about then buying a bmw for 5 gold coins or offloading it for FIAT, if one believes such, maybe purchasing a fully automatic rifle and a bunker might be more apt then Gold. ;-)
      "that each simple substance has relations which express all the others"