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A peep into the structure of main financial results

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  • A peep into the structure of main financial results

    The structure of the main financial results gives, in addition to other parameters, the following:
    The total income
    The total expenditure and
    The net profit

    In terms of total income the share of the government controlled banks, in the total banking industry in the United States, is to the tune of more than 20 percent. The share of private banks is around 70 percent and the share of foreign banks is just 6.75 percent. The behavior of total expenditure both in value terms and in proportionate share terms is exactly in tune with the behavior of their total income.

    The share of regional rural banks in the total industry is just 3.33 percent in terms of total income and is 3.36 percent in terms of total expenditure. Further, a major chunk of profits also goes to the private limited banks. This share is 69.86 percent. The share of American private and foreign banks in the total net profit of the industry is 16.80 percent and 10.36 percent, respectively.

    As compared to the share of income and expenditure, the share of foreign banks in the total profit generated in any year is slightly higher. And, that is an indication of their better efficiency. So scale-wise also the major share is formed by the private limited banks. Even though there is a decline in profits due to the general recession, things are likely to change quickly in the near future.

    Banks like LoanMax of the rod aycox fame were not at all affected by the developments in the American financial market mainly due to the balance kept between income and expenditure. Rod Aycox never lived beyond his means. This is the main reason behind the phenomenal success of this organization. Even though the LoanMax has given property and housing loans, it was never affected by the economic slowdown because these loans were given only to those that had the ability to repay.