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Possible Peak Oil Investment?

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  • Possible Peak Oil Investment?

    Hello iTulipers,

    Perhaps this question has been already discussed. If so, please redirect me to the appropiate thread(s).

    I have been thinking that a possible simple way to invest in Peak Oil could be to buy shares of automakers that, somehow, will win in the process. For example, makers of hybrid cars.

    Toyota Motor Corp could be a good possibility. The appear to have the lead in this new field, and people who own their cars seem to be happy with them.

    Does anybody think that buying Toyota shares (I am using Toyota as an example) could be a good idea if oil prices climb to 200-300 US$/barrel in the next 3-4 years? Is there perhaps another automaker, or an electric bike maker, with better future perspectives?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Possible Peak Oil Investment?

    If you do believe in peak oil and/or peak cheap oil, then you may want to look beyond just transportation. Oil is the critical ingredient for more than just autos--electricity and plastics are other areas to explore. If peak cheap oil is a nearby reality, then alternatives to plastics will be in high demand in the coming decades. You might also consider rare earth materials, and not just in China. If and when California and/or the United States get their acts together on mining those materials, it may well be a gold rush.