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Interesting juxtaposition: 'Green' and 'Government Subsidy'

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  • Interesting juxtaposition: 'Green' and 'Government Subsidy'

    I met a person through a once removed close personal friend - and he recently entered into a transaction which was very interesting.

    His business is essentially providing a physical marketplace for 'green' vendors - primarily for construction/renovation but not exclusively.

    He does this leasing a large building, putting in a classroom, and allowing 'green' vendors to lease space as small as 10x4.

    Selling rooms to gold miners, so to speak.

    The interesting part was: he was offered a huge ex-car dealer building (showroom, service garage, etc) by a local city for $1 a year, for 3 years.

    How's that for government subsidy of alternative energy?

    He also noted that the solar subsidy probably would not end in California this year "it has been threatened to end every year forever" - even when I prompted him about the budget situation.

    Not sure what it means, but direct feed data.