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Poverty and Social Inequality

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  • Poverty and Social Inequality

    Poverty in my area (Greenville, South Carolina) is much less than it was 50 years ago. I know some people here who can remember what it was like then. African-Americans were living in cardboard boxes along the highway. They say the war on poverty made a big difference here to the worst off. They also say the school desegregation helped a lot.

    I am not claiming those policies were positive everywhere or perfectly thought out. But people around here think they helped bring some badly needed social equality.

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    EJ's poverty article.

    EJ posted a link to a government report on poverty. Can anyone find it? I have found many government reports very worth reading. Unfortunately, public policy seldom reflects the competency of the people commissioned to write these reports


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      How to think about Poverty

      Here are Four questions I would like answered:

      1) Does the United States have a significant level of physical poverty?

      By "physical poverty" I mean people who cannot afford adequate food or shelter as judged on a nutritional or health basis. The more common problem of "feeling poor" is of less interest to me.

      2) Are the existing anti-poverty programs cost effective?

      3) If (1) and (2) = Yes, how much would the programs have to be expanded to end most of the physical poverty?

      4) If (1) = yes, but (2) = no, what kind of program would be cost effective, and how much would it cost reduce the number of people in poverty by 80% ?
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