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Michael Hudson training Russians?

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  • Michael Hudson training Russians?

    Dr. Michael Hudson, or someone who seems to know Hudson's work well, is posting a series of articles on

    Good for those wanting a short primer on Dr. Hudson's work.

    Some interesting data points as well - though without attribution of course:

    The economic rent being an income without cost of production absorbs about 33-35% of the American economy. You no longer have national income statistics making that clear. They conflate rent with earnings and profit so you look at the national income and product accounts and when you look at the FIRE sector (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) you have their rental income simply counted as earnings.

    You can disaggregate these earnings into profits on building and the rent from the land simply by going to the Fed and making a distinction between the value of land and the value of buildings. You find that land represents over 50% of the actual value of real estate property.

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    Re: Michael Hudson training Russians?

    I think he is posting Michael Hudson talks from YouTube, it is the top link in each of his Hudson posts!