The UK Commonwealth is 60 years old this month, how it will cope with the global finsec crisis is unclear.

Sadly, the UK is at the near center of the vortex.

  • Australia has some structural problems that have yet to rear their head.
  • NZ is holding on, but it may suffer as Australia suffers.
  • Canada is OK, but could be as bad off as Australia in the long run.
  • Malta is hard to call.
  • Bermuda is doing OK as tourism and offshore banking are still working.
  • India is antiquatly isolated from this finsec meltdown, but may become a new global economic power as the byproduct of this crisis.
  • Pakistan and Cleon are sickly -- internal reasons not withstanding.
  • Tuvalu may only disappear into the ocean slightly slower due to the down tick in CO2 and related gases.
  • The other Commonwealth Carribean states may be hard to call ... but 25% to 35% unemployment could become defacto for Jamaica.