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The "Gilt Dragon" Omen (update, reissue)

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  • The "Gilt Dragon" Omen (update, reissue)


    There is a four currency Quadruple Witching Condition or "Omen" that will announce the decline and collapse of the United States Dollar (USD). The USD is no longer sustainable as a viable exchange currency due to internalities occurring within the American nation state. The US society (and economy) are undergoing an ongoing and unrecoverable compete and total systemic collapse.

    When the four currency 'basket' Foreign Exchange (FOREX) "parity conditions" are reached with the AUD, CAD, CHF & NZD
    • expect a more substantial and substantive exodus out of the USD (and USD denominated paper financial instruments and assets) into physical assets and physical investments
    • expect a direct exodus out of USD denominated Sovereign Bonds, and State & Municipal Bonds
    • expect an ongoing exodus out of lower grade US corporate bonds to increase exponentially
    • expect USD exiting conditions far beyond the 2000 to 2010 global finance system conditions [that have essentially caused a decade of money flight from the USD (and USD denominated assets)]

    Typically physical possession of precious metals and physical commodities are considered the key to survival during adverse economic conditions. So Precious Metals (as an asset class) will probably increase in value against the USD quasi-exponentially.


    The endstage decline of the US as a meaningful world economic, military and cultural power will begin with a substantial and substantive currency collapse. Total failure and collapse has thousands of parents. The US probably has 250 million surplus people -- that the US finance system and economy can no longer afford to support.

    As things stand now, the USD cannot lose for being totally defeated.

    After these financial events have run their course : there will no exterminated tiger rebound of the USD's value until multiple solar cycles have passed. The US will essentially cease to be a nation state worth investing in, and it will only continue on as a place for all possible existent wealth to be extracted and immediately repatriated elsewhere.

    Many observers view the ongoing collapse of the US currency and economy as having started in structural changes made in the finance system as far back as the late 1960s to mid-1970s. A substantial number of observers of the US economy view the conditions for the collapse of the US dollar as having originated in structural changes made from the 1910s to 1940s. The collapse of the USD and economy may simply be inevitable, a price for failing to live within a nation state's natural limits.

    The Quadruple Witching Condition

    Regardless of historical or natural precedents -- when the CONDITION is reached -- the world economic system will have to find a new way of running itself. We live in interesting times, but for Australia, Canada and NZ this will not be fun.

    Symbols used


    [Binary] If and only if

    AUD => USD;
    CAD => USD;
    NZD => USD;
    CHF => USD;

    } returns True for Duration

    Then expect the US Dollar to decline in value by up to nearly 80% (or its equivalent Standard Deviation) in SDR units in the near or immediate future, depending on the durations of the parity events.


    Text omitted here for brevity, read the Omen and make your own judgements


    SEE :
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    Re: The "Gilt Dragon" Omen (update, reissue)

    this reads like a parody.