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A new look at Gold

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    Re: A new look at Gold

    Originally posted by DemonD
    I heard some rumblings that it had to do with funds and hedgies selling off their PM positions to cover losses, or something to that effect. Like a reverse short-squeeze margin call type thing. Gold is moving up against the market but it's doing it in a much more subtle way that if you don't track it carefully, you miss it's appreciative value. It's not a simple "market down, gold up" type thing. (Don't know if it ever was like that just saying that it's not like that now.)

    Yes, I agree. You will see strength continue as the bonar plummets and crude oil prices stay strong ( nothing new here ). Silver might be treated differently due to its link to industries, but I just cant see a big dip in Golds little brother, because of India and Chinas relative strength.

    The Big Boyz cant keep us down forever. :cool:
    I one day will run with the big dogs in the world currency markets, and stick it to the man