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TTMYGH (Grant Williams on Gold price suppression)

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  • TTMYGH (Grant Williams on Gold price suppression)

    It really is a fun read... He has quite the way with words.


    Now, these conspiracy theories have polarized some of the finest minds in finance for many
    years, and many commentators for whom I have the utmost respect feel they are all utter nonsense. Personally, I believe there is no smoke without fire, and I always apply the two criteria of motive and means to any suspected conspiracy. In the case of gold (and silver), I cannot help but conclude that central banks and governments certainly have the motive to suppress prices (as they reveal only too clearly the extent to which the purchasing power of fiat currency is being debased), and as for the means...? Well, based on what we have seen in terms of intervention in the far larger sovereign bond markets in recent years, I think arguments over that particular part of the equation have been rendered somewhat redundant.