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  • GM(uh)O wheat warning

    as an industrial wheat farmer I am not happy about this development at all... I hope they pull this crap off the market damn soon.

    Scientists: New GMO wheat may 'silence' vital human genes

    By Elliott FreemanOct 9, 2012

    Australian scientists are expressing grave concerns over a new type of genetically engineered wheat that may cause major health problems for people that consume it.

    University of Canterbury Professor Jack Heinemann announced the results of his genetic research into the wheat, a type developed by Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), at a press conference last month.

    "What we found is that the molecules created in this wheat, intended to silence wheat genes, can match human genes, and through ingestion, these molecules can enter human beings and potentially silence our genes," Heinemann stated. "The findings are absolutely assured. There is no doubt that these matches exist."