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A question about gold in Belgium

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    opinions on Spain


    I want more details. Are you saying that the quality of public services (education, roads, sanitation, police protection) is low, considering the taxation level? Is this attitude shared by many Spaniards?

    I talked to someone from there and she said it was great having so much socialism. But then she was a teacher, so she was in the group receiving the taxes, not paying them.


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      Re: opinions on Spain

      Polish Silver, of course, everything is subjective. Take into account that there is not really a taxation level, this is just a statistic figure. You have all kinds of taxation levels, from 0% to over 100% of your yearly income. I am not kidding, when you have a wealth tax it can happen. It has happened to me.

      If you are not paying any taxes, anything you receive should be great, lest you are an ungrateful person.

      What I can say is:

      I don't use the public health system. I go to private doctors and pay private assurance, for my family and me. I find the public health system so awful (except for urgencies, and just in some urgency cases) that I prefer not to talk about it.

      My children don't go to public schools (partly or totally payed with taxes). They go to private schools, that can cost 1,000 USD per month. When I went to university as an adult to study physical therapy I went to a private one, costing over 1,000 USD per month. Obviously I don't find the public education system too good. You can have over 200 pupils per classroom at public universities in the first years. Afterwards many people leave and you can perhaps finish being 50-60 pupils for teacher.

      National roads are OK in Spain. They were payed with german taxes. Cohesion funds from EU or something like that.

      Roads inside cities are good. They are payed with property taxes, fines (a random tax), and other municipal taxes that don't depend on you income level. From my point of view, they are expensive.

      Police protection? I don't know, fortunately. Crime level is not that high in Spain. I have been robbed just once in my life. The police did nothing. I am under the impression that the level of police protecion in USA or UK is way higher.

      We have unemployment benefits that extend for 2 years. From my point of view, it is one of the cancers of Spain. Many people prefer to receive this subsidy than to work. I have never used this particular "public service" (unemployment) in my life and I am proud of that.
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        Re: A question about gold in Belgium

        OK, I can give you some insight here. If you move to Belgium then they will look to see if you hold any investments in Belgium companies. They will ask if your wealth is dependent on Belgium assets. If your assets are held outside of Belgium then you will not be taxed on them.

        You will not have to pay capital gains tax. Like most European countries (exc the UK) you are taxed heavily on earnings not on assets! You can apply for non resident tax status and on maximum tax this will save you about 10% a year.

        Personally I would leave my gold in Switzerland. I would also, if possible, make Switzerland your main centre of wealth location. By that I mean hold your shares etc in that country then there can be no confusion with the Belgium tax office. Do not underestimate the diabolical Belgium administration and by this I mean be careful! Do your research and get advice. I know an international company who do work for non-pats and whom I have used. This would not be a recommendation, but simply a starting point for your research. They will not be cheap. I could PM this to you maybe.

        Finally I stress this point again, the Belgium administartion is very difficult. Do not underestimate it and make sure you do your research.

        On a positive note, there are many good things in Belgium but I personally do not like Brussels. There are many other nicer cities in my opinion.

        One last thing I forgot to say, the Belgium health care system is the best in the world. I have used it so I am telling you this from first hand experience.
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          Re: A question about gold in Belgium

          Hello DRumsfeld,

          I understand that you have lived in Belgium?

          Please give me the name of the company that you have used and you are happy with. I understand that they won't be cheap. If you want PM me or you can leave its name in this forum. You never know if there are people reading that could profit from your knowledge.

          Thanks a lot.



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            Re: A question about gold in Belgium

            Here you go then:-


            You are welcome to the information. Good luck.

            Once again this is not a recommendation, but is for your information.
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