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56% so far this year...

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  • 56% so far this year...

    DAXglobal(R) Agribusiness Index up 52.03 Percent Through September.

    NEW YORK -- The DAXglobal([R]) Agribusiness Index (Bloomberg ticker: DXAG) rose 12.06 percent in September and gained 52.03 percent in the nine months ending September 30, 2007.*(+)

    The Index comprises a basket of the securities of 37 companies from around the world that are engaged in various sectors of the agribusiness industry including agriproduct operations, agricultural chemicals, livestock operations, agricultural equipment and ethanol/biodiesel. These sectors represent 25.7%, 42.0%, 6.2%, 23.5% and 2.6% of the Index as of September 30, 2007. The Index, launched on July 16, 2007, includes many companies of global prominence including Potash Corp., Deere Co., Komatsu Ltd. and Monsanto Co., (representing 7.9%, 7.8%, 8.2% and 8.4% of the Index as of September 30, 2007).

    The Market Vectors-Agribusiness ETF (Amex: MOO) is an exchange-traded fund that seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of the Index. MOO generally holds all of the securities that comprise the Index in proportion to their weighting in the Index.


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    Re: 56% so far this year...

    look at,MOO,dba
    and play with the slider a bit. looks like moo hasn't outperformed dba* and all the action has been in pot- and all in the last month and a half, since the buyout bid.

    * ytd that is. since their lows in late '08 moo looks a lot better. but if you look over an even longer period, moo and dba seem comparable.