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A nice summary of the AGW-CO2-Catastrophe position

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    Re: A nice summary of the AGW-CO2-Catastrophe position

    Originally posted by Sun Stroke
    I'll assume you're clueless with regard to natural forcing. Keep posting your political science as if it were somehow related to physics and asking us to prove you incorrect. The science is not new. The science is not all that complex but it does require a basic understanding of natural climate forces so one can contrast that to the warming we currently see and understand how much of current 21st Century warming is simply natural forcing.

    There is no "burden of proof" with regard to current natural forcing. It's non controversial science. I was just wondering if you had a clue what these were. Obviously, not.
    Yes, like Radiative Forcing: a construct used as a proxy for many different as well as conflicting effects on climate, and one which has possibly outlived its usefullness.

    And the 'settled science': one in which billions of dollars a year are being spent on research.

    How to reconcile the massive spending with science which is both simple and not new.